Bearhawk Logo Paint Mask/Stencil Pair


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Every Bearhawk needs a logo! If you would like to have a Bearhawk logo on your airplane but would like for it to be in paint instead of vinyl, this is an easy solution. This peel-and-stick paint mask is empty in the sections that are white in the picture, so that is what will be left behind after you spray your top color and remove the mask.
Here is the process:
-Paint your base coat and let it cure.
-Clean the surface
-Remove the white paper backing from the clear carrier sheet and yellow temporary sticker
-Apply the yellow sticker to the surface, and carefully remove the clear carrier sheet, leaving just the yellow sticker on the airplane
-Mask the surrounding area, applying your masking tape as to overlap the yellow vinyl at the edge
-Spray your logo color paint (I used black Krylon, but you can use anything)
-Carefully remove the surrounding masking and the temporary vinyl. I suggest letting the paint cure first, but you can do it either way.
-Admire your handiwork!
The final painted logo will be around 2 inches tall, but if you have particular size needs, we will make them whatever you need. These are sold in pairs so one purchase will take care of the left and right side of your airplane. Since they fit in a first class envelope they ship for free to domestic US addresses. We can cut these in any shape or variation, with letters up to 2 feet tall, just ask!

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Weight .05 lbs
Dimensions 10 × 4 × .1 in
Mask/Stencil Type

Bearhawk 4-Place, Bearhawk Patrol, Bearhawk LSA