Bearhawk Neck Gaiter Daily Tube Mask by Blackstrap


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Back before we had to wear face coverings, Jared became a big fan of these things for sun protection, especially while paragliding. Now that many local jurisdictions require face coverings, these have become especially handy because they serve as a face mask that doesn’t fog up glasses as bad as the paper masks. We’ve been wanting to offer these for at least a year, but had trouble finding a supplier that we liked. The first samples came from Hoo Rag, and while their tube was nice, it wasn’t quite as durable as we liked. After months of testing this Blackstrap daily tube, we feel confident in offering it. When laid out full length at rest, the tube is around 18 inches long, which gives you lots of options for using it, whether bunched up around your neck to keep the sun off, under your helmet, over your nose, etc. It has a nice stitched hem at the top and bottom, and a stitch that runs down the length of the tube. Our testing showed that this sewed edge held up much better than the seamless tubes.

Technical Specs:
Made in the USA
4-Way Stretch Fabric
UPF 50+ UV Rated (Blocks 97.5% of harmful UV rays
Finished seams
Naturally antimicrobial & machine washable
Highly Breathable, perforated micro-pore fabric
Moisture wicking and quick dry
Lens Safe
One Size fits most adults.

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