Built from Scratch Vinyl Sticker Set


“Built From Scratch” Vinyl Sticker

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This offering is courtesy of an idea from Bearhawk builder Dwayne Parkinson.  He came up with the claw/scratch idea, and we put together the logistics for a vinyl version.  This is a pair of cut-vinyl graphics that are designed to go on the boot cowl of your Bearhawk, just under the similar vinyl “Bearhawk” graphic that Bob Barrows sells.  This one says “Built from Scratch” and has four claw marks on the right side.  The black parts are the only elements that are part of the decal.  If you put it on a red airplane, then the space between the letters and such will be that same red.  The graphic was cut out of a full-sheet of black vinyl, so the not-black spaces have had the vinyl removed and are empty. The overall dimensions are 6″ x 2.125″ and there is a layer of positioning paper on top of the graphic to make it easier to apply.

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