“Bearhawk” Anything




Our little store is a low-volume operation, so it is hard for us to stock a huge variety of styles, colors, and sizes. Are you particular about what you like to wear, but would you still like to have a Bearhawk logo on your favorite hat, jacket, shirt, etc? We can do that! You can ship us the article, we will decorate it, and return it. Some items are best-suited for embroidery, while others are well-suited for iron-on graphics. We can do custom thread colors in the embroidery, using art for any of the Bearhawk designs.

Prices start at $10 plus return shipping. Send us a note first so that we can make sure your item is a good candidate for our processes! Once you’ve spoken with us, you can select a quantity of this product to match the quote we provide. For example a $15 custom application can be this item ordered at a quantity of 15. We can also invoice separately through Paypal or any of our other payment methods.

Some of our past projects include leather and textile airplane interior upholstery (please involve us early in the process!), baby clothes, fitted hats, and jackets.