12″ Tall Airplane Registration Numbers – Vinyl Decals or Paint Stencils




When it comes time to apply your registration numbers, we have you covered! There are two options.

First, the one we would recommend: Purchase from us a custom-cut paint mask. You’ll receive two rolled-up sheets of special temporary vinyl, with the letters and numbers removed. Install it per the instructions below, then use cheap masking tape and paper to cover the area around the registration numbers. Pay extra attention to areas where the mask crosses fabric tapes. Give those spots extra rubbing to ensure that the vinyl does not create a bridge and allow the paint to pass under. Clean the exposed fabric, and spray your color coat. Remove the mask before the color coat is completely cured, so that any mishaps can still be removed with solvent. The end result will be beautiful and permanent. The color will match perfectly with the rest of your painted airplane.

Second, an option if you are not painting: Purchase from us a set of numbers, cut out of durable outdoor vinyl, ready to apply to your airplane. We have white and black vinyl on hand, and can get other colors within a week or so.

In either case, the installation instructions are the same. First, carefully position the decal, with the paper backing and top carrier sheet still in place, and secure it with strips of cheap masking tape. Once you are happy with the position, remove the tape strips from the last foot or so of the decal, then carefully peel the carrier sheet off from the paper backing, taking the vinyl off of the paper backing also. Once a foot or so of the backing is removed, use scissors to cut that portion of the paper backing it off, then carefully lay the whole assembly back onto the fuselage. Now, remove all of the masking tape, reach under the decal from the other side, and remove the paper backing, rolling the remainder of the decal into place as you go. If all of this sounds too complex, search Youtube for the “hinge method to apply vinyl” and find one of the many good videos that explain it better!

We can create the numbers in whatever font you’d like, but please check with your DAR first! Most are going to require a plain, un-decorated font. We can also make the same product in smaller 3″ numbers, or even larger numbers up to 23 inches tall for the bottom of the wing, if that is your thing. Reach out to web@bearhawkstore.com and tell us how we can help you! The price includes shipping within the US.